How to increase the VMware VIrtual Machine Hard Disk, and OS Hard Disk within the Virtual Machine

Many of the time we create a VMware virtual machine with a small amount of (e.g. 6 GB) for Virtual Disk. After a while, we face “low disk space” error. I had such problem few days ago.  After a bit digging google, I find out how to expand the Virtual Disk capacity. To do this, first, you need to turn off the virtual machine, and then make sure there is no snapshot, or cloned or linked VM. Then just follow as follow.

chose utilities chose expand
Chose Utilities to expand


Then, as the following image you can increase the Virtual Hard Disk as much as you like.

 Chose the maximum disk size as you need
Chose the maximum disk size as you need

So now you can increase the hard disk of the virtual machine Operating System as well. Let’s assume that, the VM operating system is windows XP. Just download the Gparted.iso. This tool works with any Linux, Mac and Windows machines. After downloading the Gparted.iso, boot the VM with it. Just leave all the questions as default until you get the main page. You can increase the size in the gparted very easily.

Gparted Menu
chose your language or chose Don't touch Keymap
chose your language or chose Don’t touch Keymap

The last picture shows how to increase the OS hard disk size.

Increasing th OS hard disk size
Increasing th OS hard disk size