How to compress and extract the tar.gz files

You can compress a file or a folder with tar command. Its good to know that, file.tar.gz is the same with file.tgz.


File compression using tar command:

 tar -cvzf <name of tarball>.tgz /your file or folder directory


For instance to compress a file or folder you should type:

Tar -cvzf folder.tgz /home/user/folder


Tar -cvzf file.tgz /home/user/folder/file.txt


You can use tar cvzf instead tar -cvzf as well.


File Decompressing using tar:

To decompress or extract them, use the following command.


tar -xvzf file.tgz


tar -xvzf file.tar.gz


There is no priority using the flags.

 -z: Compress archive using gzip program

-c: Create archive (compress)

-v: Verbose i.e display progress while creating archive

-f: Archive File name

-x :extract


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